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You’ve Got Questions. We’ve Got Answers.

Need to Know

Can I order out of stock sizes?

Yes, you can. As our garments are fully handcrafted, we do not find it right to keep high number of stocks. You can contact us via our e-mail address ( to get information and request a desired size of any model that is out of stocks. Our designers will provide the requested product within 2 weeks plus the shipping period depending on your location.

Will you adjust the price of an item that goes on sale shortly after I purchased it?

No we won't. We have started providing our products as of March 2021 with special discounts to celebrate our opening. After the discount period ends, our prices will remain the same unless special circumstances occur.

Does High Heels have more than one branch?

No, we don't. High Heels is our one and only brand representing our designers' vast experience in special handcrafting techniques and and unique designs.

We are proud to present our handmade women fashion products with highest quality and sustainable materials.

Fashion Design Office
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